First Communion Party Decorations Ideas

Consider where the First Communion party will be held, such as in the church meeting room, a private home or a rented space. You'll also need to see what kind of existing decor the venue has, as well as what kind of furniture will need to be rented. All these factors may affect what you use to decorate and how much of it you will need.

Think about how long you will be using each space, especially when more than one room is involved. When you've scheduled end-of-the-party games or entertainment to be held outside or in another room, you'll need to consider whether you want to decorate both areas or not.

Ask what else will take up space in the room, such as a band, a dance floor or a karaoke machine and where in the room they will be. This will alert you to any empty spaces or potential decorating areas.

Continue the religious theme of communion and its significance in the Christian life. Choose pictures, tableware and wall decorations that show Christian symbols. Some of the more commonly used Christian symbols are the Bible, the chalice and the fish.

Use your creativity to come up with attractive color combinations, textures and shapes to carry out the theme and make the room attractive and inviting.

Invite friends and family to your home decorated with party candlesGlowing LED party supplies,  wishing well boxes and party decoration ribbons.

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