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Mis Quinceanera Party Decorations Ideas

La Quinceañera, also referred to as Mis Quinces, is the traditional Latin celebration of a girl's 15th birthday, signifying her transition into womanhood. For La Quinceañera, there is a big celebration that involves fancy gowns, great cake, food, and decorations, and even a chosen group of attendants, called damas. When planning La Quinceañera, think of creative ideas that will set the celebration apart and make all of your dreams come true. Does this Spark an idea?

Hollywood Theme

Hollywood themes work well for La Quinceañera celebrations because they are glamorous and extravagant, just like the event itself. Model the event after either Hollywood or old Hollywood, choosing your favorite Hollywood era. Choose a glamorous Hollywood style gown, something that would be seen on the red carpet. Roll out a red carpet for you, your damas, and your guests to enter on. Hire several photographers to snap pictures throughout the evening, asking guests to pose throughout the night so they feel like celebrities as well. Decorate the inside of the venue to look like an Awards ceremony, and create a pathway through the room modeled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In each star, put your name or the names of your damas.
Purse Cake

Cakes for La Quinceañera are incredibly elaborate and impressive. Your cake can be as big as you want, and decorated anyway you like. If you're a girly girl that appreciates shoes, bags, and other accessories, get a purse cake that reflects your style. Have the cake modeled after your favorite brand of handbags, such as Prada or Coach. Many bakeries can make cakes that actually look like a real purse. Not only will the cake be delicious, but the creativity and skill behind the cake will get a lot of much deserved attention.
Father Daughter Dance

A father daughter dance is a good way to symbolize your father giving you away to adulthood. Choose a special song that is meaningful to you and your dad. Bring him out onto the dance floor and share a special dance. To make this moment even more meaningful, create a slideshow of moments from your life with your dad. Include pictures of you as a baby and as you are growing up. You can also include your mother in this moment; have her dance with you and your father in a huddle on the dance floor. Though, this is not a traditional type of dance, it will be meaningful to include her in your big day. Be sure to include pictures of both parents in the sideshow if you decide to dance with her as well.

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