Liquid Wave Pen Pencil Holder with Beach Island Scenery


Each Stand has 2 slots approx. 3/8' in diameter x 5/8' deep (0.4' x 0.6' or 1cm x 1.5cm). Dimensions: 5.75' Wide x 2' Tall x 1.5' Thick at the base and 1' Thick at the top (14.6cm W x 5cm T x 4cm Base and 2.5cm Top). This nostalgic designed wave pencil holder reminds you of the toy you had as a kid! Each stand has beach scenery printed on the front featuring green palm trees and silhouettes of people, dolphins, seagulls, and clouds. Floating in the liquid 'ocean water' are 2 sailboats and a tropical fish. Perfect for organizing home office school desk, counter, tabletop, dresser. Can also be used with markers, toothbrushes, paint brush, e-cigarettes, and more!

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