Dancing Rose Solar Powered Flip Flap Toy Flower Bobble Plant Pot Swing


  • Place one on your desk, your windowsill or in your car. No one will be able to suppress a grin every time it begins to sway.
  • The Solar Dancing Flower Pots will benefit anyone needing a unique item to spruce up their room décor.
  • Perfect for studying solar energy in a fun and simple way.
  • This unique solar-powered plant does not need batteries or water!
  • Fun, decorative and eco-friendly. Flower gently moves up and down when exposed to sunlight or other light energy.
  • Kids will be fascinated. Great gift idea for teachers, florists, business people and more!
  • Measurements: Flower & pot approx 4.5" X 3" (Pot itself 3" X 3")

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