Aurora Master Light Ocean Projection Night Light Calming Waves Northern Lights Projector Lamp


  • Aurora Master simulates the calming and entrancing movements of the ocean.
  • Can cover the ceiling of a room about 10 feet wide.
  • The patterns will appear more vividly in smaller, clean and solid light colored surfaces.
  • Does not work well with multi-textured surfaces, dark colored surfaces, and brightly lit locations.
  • Built in speaker will allow for soft, ambient music tones, loud enough to enjoy but not overpowering to interfere with the calmness.
  • Runs on AC power or 4 - AA batteries (screwdriver required batteries NOT included).
  • Auxiliary cable allows you to plug in any device to play music!
  • Auto shutdown after 1 hour. Projector lamp nightlight. Contains red, green and blue LEDs.
  • Materials: ABS

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